Fast Forwarding Real-time Commercials

4.1.1Did you know that approximately 80% of television viewers fast forward through commercials? And why wouldn’t we? We have digitally recorded shows that we want to watch when we have time (and clearly, America does NOT have time for commercials). Not only can we now fast forward recorded commercials, but now sporting events on television can be ad-free depending on the type of television provider one subscribes too.

So, offline we can control the ads, and online we are bombarded. Kind of ironic, no? Either way, advertisers and marketing professionals are making their commercials survive the slow motion present in a fast-forwarded commercial and this year, Volkswagen pioneered the new technique. With this new marketing strategy “the movement is relatively static, so that even when fast-forwarded the watcher will still see the advertisement as if it were a print ad,” which means that viewers won’t miss out on pertinent information regarding their “future” car purchase.

Professor Adam Brasel of Carroll School of Management explains that “even in fast forward, consumers can focus in on a product logo or brand and that fraction of a second can later influence their preferences,” so brands might want to highlight different characteristics for different types of advertisements. Much like brands are creating mobile websites for smart phones, this new form of marketing strategy echoes that same philosophy of “adapt and overcome.”

Do you fast forward through your commercials? Despite the increase in fast forwarding through commercials, once Superbowl season strikes, more people watch for the ads than the game. Can you figure out the allure? Let us know because we’re just as curious!

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