Technology : Trending Now – 8/13/14

How do you listen to Google Maps?

An accordion player in the streets of France, a bucket drummer in the NYC subway, or maybe some church bells ringing.  Amplifon, a hearing-aid manufacturer wants to bring sound to the Google “Street View” you’re already familiar with.  Check it out…

How do you make the best use of Google Glass?

You embed it in a motorcycle helmet, of course!  Introducing the Skully AR-1.  The world’s smartest motorcycle helmet.

  • Integrated Bluetooth & Internet Connectivity
  • Heads-up Display with Integrated Navigation
  • Transitioning Tinted Face Shield
  • Ultra Wide-Angle Rear View Camera
  • Hands-free calling & Streaming music, Integrated Audio

…oh yeah, it’ll keep you from cracking your skull too..

 YouTube updates SmartApps


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