How Do I Setup My EMail Client?

Did you know that Odonnell Company provides basic & premium managed EMail hosting for our clients?  Of course you did!  But did you know the number one question we get regarding our EMail service is, “How do I setup my EMail client?”

Below, we’ll walk you through setting up Outlook & Thunderbird; along with general settings for other clients & how to access webmail.


1. Click on the “File” tab at the top of the Outlook application

2. Click on “Account Settings”, then click “Add and remove accounts…”

3. Click on the “new” button under the E-mail tab

4. Click “Manual setup or additional server types”

5. Click “POP or IMAP”

6.  Fill out all the information as shown above.  Make sure you are using your FULL email address when prompted. (Your full email address is also your “User Name”)

7. Click “More Settings…” in the lower right hand corner

8. Click the “Outgoing Server” tab

9. Click on the box “My outgoing server (SMTP)…”.  Make sure “Use same settings as my incoming mail server” is selected.

10. Click on the “Advanced” tab

11. Fill out the “Advanced” tab as pictured above, making sure to choose the encryption type first, as Outlook will default the port numbers based on the encryption type

12. Click “OK”

13.  Click “Next” and Outlook will ask to save your password. Check connectivity, if you can send & receive mail you are finished.


1. Click on the “tools” menu, then click on “Account Settings”

2. Click on “Account Actions”, then click “Add Mail Account”

3. Fill in the form as shown above, making sure to use your FULL email address

4. Click “continue” and Thunderbird will try to automatically retrieve the server settings.  Because we don’t broadcast our server settings, this will ultimately fail.

5. Click “Manual config”

6. Fill in the form as shown above, then click “re-test”.  If thunderbird tests successfully, you are finished.

Webmail & General Settings

You can access our webmail login at :

General Server Settings

Incoming Server
Host :
Port: 993
Security : SSL

Outgoing Server
Host :
Port : 465
Security : SSL
Authentication Required : Yes
Password Encryption : Plain

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