The Pros and Cons of Social Media Engagement

In the past few months, company social media engagement with their audiences has not only been soaring, but has gone viral as well. The latest example of this is with Wendy’s and their aggressive responses to some of their followers. A follower tweeted Wendy’s regarding poor food preparation, and the company responded with sass. The company’s response led to a huge spike in their engagement, generating more than 5x the retweets and likes. There was also a huge response from other twitter users who tweeted they would eat Wendy’s that day.

Examining this interaction is a great case study of the pros and cons of social media engagement.


  • Increased Interactions, Likes, Follows, retweets, etc.
  • Increased ‘real world’ interaction
  • Increased social reputation



  • Engagement can be misinterpreted and backfire
  • Increase in attention, leading to more pressure to produce similar quality posts
  • The increase in exposure can lead to louder negative feedback

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