Welcome to the Influencer-Marketing Gold Rush

A lot of Marketers will tell you, we are currently in the midst of an influencer-marketing gold rush. Influencer marketing is simply explained as a form of marketing that is word-of-mouth buzz from people who already have a large following. But sadly, it is more complicated than that. When you read most popular blogs, you notice that they do sponsored … Read More

Thinking About Pinterest for Business?

Looking for something new for your business development, especially on the digital side of things? Pinterest for business is the way to go. Now, if you have never heard of Pinterest, it is a website/ app where you can “pin” (save) different articles, pictures and links to different “boards” and share with your friends and followers. You can search for … Read More

AdWords for Every Industry

Every business across all industries should be using some sort of Marketing and Advertising to sell their goods and services to consumers or even other businesses. As years go on, there is a huge growth in Digital Marketing and Advertising. One specific form is Google AdWords. If you don’t know what Google AdWords is, just type something you are looking … Read More

Why Should Your Business Be on Instagram?

In today’s world, everyone from your favorite brands to your father are on Instagram. If you’re like your father, you probably don’t know how to post anything and just go through and like pictures (engagement is good). And if you’re like your favorite brands (hopefully), you are always working on your profile and engagement. Your Instagram profile is supposed to represent your … Read More

Must keep up with Trends!

Businesses need to be aware that Trends exist and consumers are actively developing them. Trends are constantly giving companies data about what your consumers like or dislike. Wondering what “trends” can possibly help your business and understanding them can be difficult. Keep in mind most of these trends are actively reaching people aged 18 to 34 years old. Trends only … Read More

Struggling with Google AdWords?

As a novice marketer, starting your first Google AdWords Campaign can be overwhelming. Staring at the screen looking at the complex interface and trying to make sense of the near endless analytics presented leaves many confused. The guide below will some of the language used when developing your campaign and explain some of the most important analytics available as well. … Read More

The Pros and Cons of Social Media Engagement

In the past few months, company social media engagement with their audiences has not only been soaring, but has gone viral as well. The latest example of this is with Wendy’s and their aggressive responses to some of their followers. A follower tweeted Wendy’s regarding poor food preparation, and the company responded with sass. The company’s response led to a … Read More

Is B2B Social Media Beneficial?

Social media is a vital tool that every business should incorporate into its daily activity. In order to address why social media is important for business to business, one must understand exactly what social media is. Social media includes forms of online communication that allow for people to create, share, contribute to, and comment on content. The creation of social … Read More