Boost your Business during Halloween

Americans are expected to spend an estimated $8 billion on Halloween. The events and merchandise that come with this season are a great opportunity for businesses to promote themselves. Halloween is a good opportunity to introduce new products, capture attention and promote offers that customers find irresistible and relate with your brand. The major spending is around costumes, themed decorations and discount … Read More

Why YOU need a solid Email list

What is an email List? An email list is just like a mailing list and is essentially a list of people with their emails. The one who owns this list may have generated it using various methods most common one being using an “Opt in” where in people would have opted to receive information on a landing page by recording … Read More

Content Marketing & Strategy

“Content is King” Words to live by for any Content Marketer.  If you’ve ever wondered if Inbound Marketing was right for your business, ask yourself if you have the dedication to make your content the best. Content Marketing The business community is just now realizing how Content and Social media marketing are linked together. Mobile first content strategy along with responsive … Read More

iOS8 : Should you upgrade?

iOS 8 was released on September 17, 2014. The launch was labeled “the biggest release ever “with a lot of buzz and fanfare. “iOS 8 comes with big updates to apps you use every day, like Messages and Photos,” “a whole new way to share content with your family and exciting new connections between apps and between devices.” All that and … Read More

Technology : Trending Now – 9/8/14

Twitter, the new…. Marketplace? That’s right, Twitter is adding the ability to “buy” products directly from tweets in your timeline.  You see, in the days and weeks to come, you might see “Buy” buttons embedded in tweets from Home Depot, Pharrell Williams and Burberry as you poke around in Twitter’s mobile app. Tapping that button will take you straight to … Read More

Technology : Trending Now – 8/26/14

Drug detecting Nail Polish? That’s right.  The next time you step foot into that seedy bar or nightclub, make sure you’re wearing “Undercover Colors“.  A new, date-rape detecting nail polish that goes on as a clear coat and changes color when exposed to the “date-rape” drugs Rohypnol, Xanax or GHB. Read More @ Jezebel 3D Printed Medical Implants A 12 year … Read More

Technology : Trending Now – 8/13/14

How do you listen to Google Maps? An accordion player in the streets of France, a bucket drummer in the NYC subway, or maybe some church bells ringing.  Amplifon, a hearing-aid manufacturer wants to bring sound to the Google “Street View” you’re already familiar with.  Check it out… How do you make the best use of Google Glass? You embed … Read More

Technology : Trending Now – 8/6/14

A 3D Printed What? Yes, 3D printing is getting very useful.  Especially if you want to make music.  Not only does it look real, with a couple of forthcoming tweaks, it’ll sound real, be 80% lighter than a traditional saxophone, and can be printed in the colors of your favorite marching bands! Is Amazon always the best deal? Meet PriceJump, … Read More

The Importance of a Social Media Presence for Small to Medium Size Businesses

What is Social Media? A lot of us assume that we know what social media means. However, social media is actually a marriage of two well-known phenomena: media is an instrument of communication, just like a newspaper or a radio; social activity is a necessary function of human groups. Therefore, social media is a social instrument of communication. Speaking in … Read More

Technology : Trending Now – 7/31/14

Microchips coming to a credit card near you? According to a recent email from Square EMV equipped credit cards will be making their way to the US next year.  Right now the US accounts for 24% of all credit card transactions, but is home to over 50% of all credit card fraud.  Square has already evolved it’s card readers to accept … Read More