Local Readers: Support the Arts

As a New Haven based business we strive to engage with and support our neighbors and local charities. Business relationships are what keep locally owned entities growing and thriving even in a struggling economy, and it’s our personal responsibility to share this sentiment with all of our readers and friends! Just a few days ago, we received an e-mail from the … Read More

Campaign Spotlight: Dove Men+Care

Sure, there are plenty of tips, tricks, and work-a-rounds for sharing products in a new media realm, but what about those campaigns that strike a chord right from the beginning? Those campaigns might not have a prime-time spotlight, nor have they filled the void between touchdowns and kickoffs in the Super Bowl. Some of the most heartfelt campaigns that we … Read More

Summertime Lead Generation Decoded

Summer is a time for relaxation, but for many it’s no vacation, and few careers offer a summer break of three or more months to soak up the sun. With that being said, how does one continue strong lead generation when people are “disappearing” over the summer? What are new modes of connection and conversation that can keep leads coming … Read More

“Pinning” Down Your Leads with Pinterest

Years ago, MySpace was “the place to be seen” online, but as social media continues to evolve, Pinterest is making a splash in the new media realm known as the Internet. What’s different about it? Why are companies exploring it? Will we one day be pinning? It’s a possibility! Visual marketing works because we live in a visual culture and … Read More

How to Hashtag: A Beginner’s Guide

With such a limited space to write, how does one truly connect with their targeted audience? Cue the hashtag, a small symbol (#) that can precede virtually any topic or phrase across the Twitter community.

Creating a Footprint in the Blogosphere

Today, almost everyone has a blog. Businesses, celebrities, and maybe even your next-door neighbors have been known to blog on a regular basis. Why does an advertising agency need a blog? Why now, after years of expanding our name in the realm of marketing did we decide to jump on the blogging bandwagon?