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I'm a Small Business! Do I use Print or Digital Advertising?

Posted on June 12, 2013
freeimage-8297438-webDigital advertising is nothing new and continues to develop each day. At Odonnell Company, we love both! We build websites, we offer lead generation tools for the net, and we also provide print media advertising materials for our clients. It seems today that most people are using a little bit of both. But, if you're a small business with a more conservative funds allowance, what medium do you choose? It may not be an easy answer to arrive at, but with some careful consideration, you'll know where to start. We've gathered some of the most recent statistics in regards to print and digital marketing and have found that small businesses don't have to worry about breaking the bank with either method. Owners just need to recognize their scope and audience! Gregory Hamel of Demand Media says, "A single website or Web ad can potentially reach customers anywhere in the world....this means online advertising can potentially reach more customers in more places and allow small companies to do business far outside their local area," which can be a great tool for small business owners who offer a product that can appeal to various geographical regions. Digital ads can be placed on a multitude of websites for all to see, whereas a magazine or print method of marketing only appears to a more limited circulation. However, if your business is planning on staying local, print media might be perfect for you! Another point to consider is that "web users can install ad-blocking software to prevent ads from appearing on websites," which may mean that your ads are being filtered into the dreaded Malware folder and will be blocked indefinitely from viewing. This can be problematic if you're working to build an online only based customer group, or if you're a small business who wants to expand. The cost may not outweigh the risk if you're drawing up your fist advertising campaign. Since you want to be able to connect and engage with your customers through your advertising efforts, consider different forms of security measures that your clients (and even yourself) implement for network safety. There are no easy answers when choosing your first advertising campaign, but by researching your methods, options, and your own personal goals you can decide what will work best for your current demographic and the demographic you wish to expand to! Don't forget that we can help you out, too! Source: 1

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