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How Much Time Should I Spend on Social Media?

Posted on July 24, 2013
social_media_circle_nobckgd-300x300With the abundance of social media platforms and the collection of different ways to reach potential customers, and generate leads, the question that truly begs an answer is, "how much time should I spend on social media?" Social media lead generation and B2B opportunities take time and dedication, but Facebooking and hashtagging does not have to dominate your work day, nor does it have to sound robotic and pre-planned. Scheduling your posts sounds great in theory, but it can go wrong very quickly if you aren't still managing your scheduled content! Bank of America's recent social media blunder shows that social media bots and pre-planned posts need to be monitored, especially if your follower count is in the high thousands or more! Try making sure that for every scheduled post, you have two manual posts to balance the tone of your content. Your audience knows what your business sounds like, so make sure not to lose that unique characteristic in an effort to save time. Social Media is about responding to other people's content just as much as it is about generating content. Aim for at least three responses a day to get started, and keep it genuine! The social media realm is a "give and take" sphere, meaning that if you are actively participating in others' conversations, people will engage themselves in your conversations, too. Even social media experts avoid overloading themselves when it comes to content development. Rachel Strella, of Strella Social Media, explains that "rather than setting up 10 cumbersome accounts, set up one or two that contain your target audience and commit to having consistent dialogue with your audience," so you'll see results and stay motivated to keep working towards your social media goals. So whether you spend 20, 10, or even 2 minutes on your social media accounts, remembering to keep the content authentic and your goals attainable will help you decide how much time you need to spend on your social media management. Source: 1

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