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Brag Blog: HealthyCT

Posted on October 16, 2013
There's always a certain feeling of excitement when we begin a project with a new partner, and a certain amount of reflection and resolution when we're finished. Honestly, completing a project is always bittersweet. We get close to our clients and we love guiding them through their journey as they create a new look for themselves and reach their goals. So that's why this week we're bragging about our most recent project, the HealthyCT website that we just finished giving a "face lift," if you will.


HealthyCT is an organization that helps Connecticut residents learn, find, and shop for health insurance that works best for their needs. They are a non-profit cooperative, member-run, and they place their focus on individuals and small businesses. In our ever-changing economy, finding affordable and quality health insurance can be challenging. Thankfully, HealthyCT makes the process a little less daunting and a whole lot clearer when it comes to understanding the laws and regulations of different plans.

With the Affordable Care Act launching on October 1, providing HealthyCT with an updated, clean-lined look was just one of the goals for our team. We worked to make sure that pertinent information is placed at the forefront while still keeping the integrity of HealthyCT's ideas and desires. We love the bright colors and the placement of the sleek drop down menus. Website users will love that information is easy to find and link text is clear and concise.

So now, go and check out HealthyCT's gorgeous new website for yourself, and make sure to let us know what you love, too!

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