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What Does the Online Holiday Forecast Look Like?

Posted on October 30, 2013
Sales-tax-holiday-shopping-600x401Advertising and marketing companies are beginning to plan, and some started planning for their holiday marketing campaigns as far back as when the temperatures were still in the triple digits. There's no denying that holiday shopping makes up the majority of commerce revenue for many businesses both big and small, but with the options available online, big brands are working to make sure that their online presence is just as strong as their brick and mortar counterparts. Shopping online offers a host of benefits: no lines, no crowds, and special pricing promotions, but there's something about that Black Friday rush that entices the masses and eludes us out of our warm Thanksgiving deals and toward the lines in front of stores nationwide. Despite the online promotions and online push from companies like Target, some retailers are expecting a less than desirable shopping season. Clair Cain Miller, writer at The New York Times, discusses that recent economic events, and more specifically, the recent Government Shutdown is affecting online businesses more than the traditional storefronts. Miller explains, "EBay, usually a driver for holiday e-commerce, rattled analysts last week when its executives gave a disappointing forecast for the holiday season and said e-commerce was noticeably soft." Consumers are concerned that commerce is not as reliable as it once was which means that less tangible shopping resources like Ebay, Etsy, and even Amazon, are expecting less income once the official holiday season arrives. So, why should businesses try to keep the online push? Miller continues with some promising statistics that state, "of the clicks on Google's e-commerce ads, 31 percent were made on phones or tablets last quarter, versus just 5.4 percent a year ago," which means that there may still be hope for online transactions. Target is making sure that they continue the push towards online sales even though the numbers may not be as rosy. How may the shutdown affect holiday commerce this year? We'll just have to wait and see! How do you plan to get your shopping done this season? Are you doing anything different? Source

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