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It's not Complicated: We STILL Love It!

Posted on November 12, 2013
Months after the first "It's not Complicated" commercial from technology giants ATT launched, we still love what we're seeing when the commercials air during our favorite television shows. Why? Commercial actor Beck Bennett explains, "Working with [the] children has done well for me... They're just fun, full of energy, and happy to be there." Shouldn't we all feel that way regardless of what we're doing, too? In our office, we're constantly moving to the next project. We're busy all day long, and let's face it; we don't have a table of adorable children sitting with us to bring us back to Earth, so ATT's campaign gets an "A" for engagement from us! And, while we're on the topic of "constant motion," writer for Adotas, Sam Melton, has found that "People actually watch the latest 'It's not Complicated' commercials instead of fast-forwarding through them on their DVRs: a sure sign of a successful campaign." Viewers are watching ATT's commercial series because of the pathos that ATT has effectively, and carefully, crafted. We're an emotional society, and though there is nothing more we love than fast forwarding to our beloved TV shows, there is something about Bennet and his adorable little pals that have kept our office smiling since we first met. If you haven't gotten a chance to fall in love with the cutest focus group ever, click on through and give the above video a watch. We promise you won't be disappointed! Source 1 Source 2

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