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Posted on March 3, 2014
We can already see that 2014 is going to be a year of digital everything - marketing, media, and more! Businesses, brands, and non-profits are moving to varying digital platforms for communicating with potential prospects and partners. Social media is the obvious digital/real life merger that we observe on a daily basis, but mobile app development is not far behind. Forbes contributor, Anthony Wing Kosner recently learned that "apps that a business makes are more likely "extensions" of their products - more efficient means to deliver existing goods and services," rather than a singular product like one you would see on the iPhone App Store or on Google Play. Most likely, your brand is already online (or should be!) in some sense. Whether you have a Facebook page or a specific website, earning that digital exposure is key for success with the new media options that are emerging and evolving each day. Use those tools first and think about what your website or social media page already brings to your clients and prospects. Make sure that your mobile app development plan is going to enhance or add to the information you already provide. Your mobile app should NOT be a duplicate of your default mobile website! If you're a small business working on creating a mobile app development plan, make sure that you let your consultants and developers know exactly what you want. What are your long and short-term goals? How would you like to meet them? If you want your mobile app to drive sales, then you will need to include features that allow for that outcome. Keep sign up simple and make sure the user interface works for all smartphone users from novice to expert and you'll be on your way to mastering mobile communication one tap at a time. We can help you out, too! Source: Forbes

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