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Technology : Trending Now - 5/27/14

Posted on May 27, 2014

Facebook Cuts Automatic Updates to Your Friends' News Feeds

Faceboofb1k announced Tuesday that from now on fewer "implicit stories" will make it into the News Feed. That's Facebook's way of describing automatic updates from third-party apps. So if you ever wondered how your friends always knew where you were, or what you were up to, you can be confident in knowing they'll now know less. Facebook introduced such automatic updates from third-party apps, which were called Facebook Gestures, as part of its 2011 Timeline update. Such gestures included "read," "watch" and "listen" and were designed to share users' real-time activities in the feed. Such gestures showed up in users' Ticker, a column in the upper-right rail that is now gone for many users.

Toshiba Introduces $199 Windows 8.1 Tablet

If yColor_Tbasou think Windows tablets are too darn expensive, Toshiba wants a word with you. The company's latest tablets, called Encore 2, run full Windows 8.1 and start at just $199.
  • 8" Tablet Screen
  • 1280x800 Resolution
  • Quad-Core Atom CPU
  • 1GB RAM
  • 32GB On-Board Storage (expandable by MicroSD)
  • Upgrade to 10" screen for another $70

Google Chrome now blocking 3rd-party extensions

Months after annqdsvcgrrvu4bokowyfehouncing its plans last year, Google has started blocking Chrome extensions for Windows users that aren't installed from the Chrome Web Store. Previously installed extensions may also automatically disabled. This decision is aimed at blocking malware and other malicious third-party developers. Again, this only affects Windows users, and it's unclear which previously installed extensions Google will disable and prevent you from using. So, on the one hand, more security. On the other hand, possibly fewer extensions (Developers have to pay a small $5 registration fee to get their extensions in the Chrome Web Store).

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