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Good Things Come in Cool Packages

Posted on October 2, 2013
HeinzAs we surf the blogs and websites abundant online, we've noticed just how many people discuss the packaging of a product. To get the bottom of this packaging obsession, AdAge decided to survey their readers and the results were astounding. Writers Brian Richard and Steve Kazanjian found that "A majority (64%) of the respondents said they will sometimes buy a product off the shelf, drawn by packaging, without prior knowledge or having researched it first. [They] found that, despite the smartphone revolution, most consumers (72%) still rarely use a mobile device to research a product while they are shopping." Why, in such a tech-involved world should we be concerned with these statistics? Because people truly do judge a product by its packing. Having bright colors and an appealing design makes impulse purchases more likely, and allows your brand to make its own unique first impression based on prior knowledge and values from a diverse number of "cold" customers. Packaging allows you to take that extra step of introducing your product to a wide audience without doing too much follow-up or lead work. Every potential customer interacts with packaging in a sensory manner. We see, touch, or even hear certain forms of packaging (singing greeting cards, anyone?), so for those of us in the marketing business should be paying even more attention to what our packaging (or lack thereof) might be saying, or not saying to those who come into contact with our brand. Richard and Kazanjian also found that, "After a consumer buys a package off the shelf, satisfaction can rapidly decrease as he transports it home, stores and uses it. To drive repeat purchase, packaging needs to satisfy consumers all the way to disposal." So, not only should your packaging be providing buyers with great appeal on the shelf, but it shouldn't be troublesome to use, open, or get rid of when you're done. Who would have thought that a package had so much power? Source

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