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Technology : Trending Now - 7/2/14

Posted on July 2, 2014

iOS8 drops Yahoo! for weather...

On Friday, a report from Kara Swisher provided some insight into the decision that led to Apple dropping Yahoo as a middleman in the iOS 8 Weather app, instead getting its data directly from The Weather Channel. A huge loss, considering Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer's efforts to increase the company's presence throughout Apple's mobile operating system. Yahoo had basically been acting as a go-between all this time, relaying data from The Weather Channel. The Weather Channel wasn't providing Yahoo with everything at its disposal, so its CEO David Kenny was able to step up and offer better location-aware weather data, and forecasts reaching farther into the future, directly to Apple. Upon upgrading to iOS8 users can look forward to more accurate weather data depending on their location.

RelayRides raises $25M in capital

Are you a fan of AirBnB? Are you flying out of town and want to make some extra cash? With RelayRides you can let another person rent your car while you're out of town... Now, on the surface this may sound sketchy, but the business model is exactly like AirBnB for cars. You go out of town, and drop your car at the airport lot provided by RelayRides. In return you get..
  • free airport parking for the length of your trip
  • free detailing of your ride
  • 10 cents per mile driven
  • a full tank of gas when you return
RelayRides also provides $1M in insurance coverage for your ride should the renter decide to go off-roading.

Google ready to kill off Google Voice?

793791376219094089If there's one thing Google can do to help make its messaging better than ever, it's to kill the hulking zombie that is Google Voice and transplant its good parts into the still-living Google Hangouts . It hasn't happened yet, but now there's evidence in the Hangouts app that it might be coming soon.

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