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Twitter : New Visual Layout

Posted on July 10, 2014
Somebody once said, "a picture is worth a thousand words" and nothing less can be true when it comes to your profile pages, "visuals" play a very important role. Recently Twitter has given all the power to its user's to make an effective visual statement. Communicating about your brand and sharing your story is now much more easier on Twitter.

What is driving this change?

The new aspects are very similar to the Facebook header and many people agree that both Facebook and Twitter are looking at being increasingly appealing on mobile devices. Thus, what we are looking at is a layout that gives preference to visual aspects, picture and buttons in particular. Usability is also enhanced with better usage of browser space and functionality. This makes visuals much more prominent allowing you to instinctively see, share and tweet.

Key Profile design aspects on Twitter

Profile image, Header Image and Theme Color With recent changes Twitter gives you option of having a prominent cover image that can make an effective visual statement about your brand. It tucks in a bigger profile image within the cover. The image sizes are large and detailed so as to make proper usage of header. (1500x500 for cover and 400X400 for profile photos) The new twitter layout design also lets you modify the theme colors. You can pick up best shades to contrast or go with your images and style. Functional aspects The usage of the header and its role in communication is well tested and proven. If you are using twitter for business it is likely that even before somebody looks at tweets, media or retweets within your timeline body they would have subtly got an impression about who you are and what you are associated with. This also means that you have to think through and utilize a well designed cover and profile image. Ensure your profile image is nicely cropped and legible, whether you are using a head shot or a logo. Your profile image is probably the most seen visual which not only appears on your profile page but also on all the streams. The header image plays an important role in visually engaging first time visitor and then becomes your identity assuring visitors that they have reached the right place. An effective Twitter marketing campaign should ensure that the profile image, headers and background colors optimize visual appeal while the message blends in well and is easy to identify with every time you tweet.


The profile edit option is seen as a "big diversion" as earlier twitter was considered more of a text sharing platform. It was seen as a social tool for promoting text based content and assumed little conservative on visuals. With recent changes it's clear that while text shall still remain primary aspect in twitter marketing, the real war shall be fought on the turf of visual appeal and rich media content.

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