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Technology : Trending Now - 7/8/14

Posted on July 8, 2014

Popcorn Time killing a theater near you

Popcorn Time is a miracle: It lets you stream torrents of movies and TV shows as though they were on Netflix or Hulu. Is it illegal? Probably! But it's growing in leaps & bounds after the development fork that was shelved recently found new life. Ports to Andriod have been released and now they're working on bringing the platform to Google's Chromecast. Expect this to be all over the technology wish-lists this holiday season, and also expect to see a bunch of controversy about the legality.

Xbox One Kinect comes to PC

Microsoft has announced that the Xbox One's Kinect sensor will be available for PCs from July 15th - and it will usher in a whole new wave of fascinating and useful features. Some of the first developers allowed you to control your mouse and keyboard with your Kinect, however with Windows 8 utilizing more touch-screens, we wonder if this will truly take off. For Developers, $200 gets you into the game so you can incorporate the sensor into your applications.


Well you've heard of ridesharing & carsharing, what about planesharing? Yes, the FAA is currently debating on whether to let pilots who have open seats, exchange them using websites or mobile apps, for gas money. That's right, a whole new marketplace for cheap flights. More to come...

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