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Wordpress is quickly becoming the leading CMS platform for business

Posted on July 16, 2014
According to Wordpress is being used by 60.3% of the websites using a Content Management System(CMS). This is suggested to be 22.5% of all websites. About 55% of the 1 million most visited websites that run a CMS, run on Wordpress. Wordpress has clearly taken a lead compared to other CMS platforms like Joomla or Drupal. But before we get into how Wordpress has managed to take this lead first understand how things have changed broadly from the past.


The website market is split between static and dynamic classes of websites. The Static websites are the code edited websites that have been mostly constructed page by page, whereas the dynamic websites are configured on a flexible predesigned core called a CMS and leave the appearance and functionality in the hands of administrator. Static websites quickly become unmanageable and un-scalable as they grow for obvious reasons like a lack of standard to modify and capability to roll back features when needed. Since multiple people may be involved in developing these websites, it will tend to create grey areas acting as a roadblock to upgrade or expand on features in future and more importantly shall require advanced knowledge of HTML, CSS or even JavaScript. CMS based websites on the other hand are highly modular and can be loaded with features and rolled back if needed with a click of button. The system is so robust that it makes customization, enhancement and integration of features like shopping carts, online payments, .. etc; a breeze. But not all CMS platforms are created equal.

Wordpress is top CMS application

Wordpress has clearly snatched the market share gradually from its competitors and there are various factors responsible for this. Wordpress is not just preferred by small and medium sized companies, but by some of the biggest names like Forbes, CNN and Sony.

Wordpress is solution oriented

Wordpress was started to solve problems that bloggers had and for that quickly built a very successful business. Wordpress was focused on content management for bloggers. These Bloggers were actually lot of people directly related with technology in formative years of CMS (2001 -2005). This resulted in a huge mash up of requirements that were solved piece by piece specifically for corporate clients and included lot of people from communication backgrounds like sale and marketing. Such demands kept Wordpress not only focused on simplicity but also extremely user oriented. As we know today Wordpress has morphed into a system that is used by Bloggers, Small and Medium Business to Enterprise alike.

Wordpress is Simple

Wordpress is committed to non technical users unlike its competitors. Wordpress is seen as a simple solution to communicate easily and effectively. Wordpress is the easiest CMS available and a complete non techie can install and configure first Wordpress website within matter of hours without need to read reams of instruction manuals or tutorials. All the information to setup your first website can be easily accessed and is freely available. Wordpress has taken this lead for the fact that its ship is sailed by non technologists who lean towards design and usability and it clearly shows.

Wordpress has more than 27000 plug-ins

Wordpress provides highly advanced and innumerable options for achieving added functionality for your website. Want to integrate social media, send out text messages, accept payments or design a online store. Maybe have a website and a blog together. Keep in mind that Wordpress is not just free, but comes with all the bells and whistles you would expect to find in a paid CMS. Believe it or not Drupal for example does not include a WYSIWIG editor in its default setup.

It's Backed up by

Wordpress remains open source and free and yet comes with noteworthy plug-ins like jetpack, that allows you to harness the power of The built-in CDN (Content Delivery Network)"Photon" lets you leverage the powerful servers of This helps not just load your websites faster but also reduce load on your hosting service provider.

It's Cost Effective

Because of it's ease of integration, and the fact it's completely free to use, many businesses are now turning to Wordpress for their corporate solutions. Contact Odonnell Company today at 203-764-1080 for a free consultation on how Wordpress can help change your business!

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