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Posted on October 7, 2014
"Content is King" Words to live by for any Content Marketer. If you've ever wondered if Inbound Marketing was right for your business, ask yourself if you have the dedication to make your content the best.

Content Marketing

The business community is just now realizing how Content and Social media marketing are linked together. Mobile first content strategy along with responsive websites are setting new standards in distribution of content and capturing leads. The Content Marketing Institute, in one if its recent reports, notes that just 44% of B2B marketers have a documented content strategy in place.

Marketing Automation

While the realization of content marketing being a key aspect in lead generation has dawned upon everyone, most businesses are still on a learning curve. There have been numerous attempts to automate content marketing with a varied degree of success but the cold truth is content marketing needs constant attention.

Location Based Content Marketing

Location based couponing and promotions are being used to increase traffic in Brick & Mortar establishments. Auto care company –Meguiar's is reported to achieve a 118% increase in sales with geo aware marketing applications. Apple has recently introduced "Beacon" integration with iOS8 to push content to iPhone users who are in range.

Headline & Lead In - Blogging

The Headline is even more important than ever before so are the first paragraph or two. This is critical to pull the reader into broader piece. Responsive websites along with targeted content can result in better quality of leads and "step ins" into brick & mortar establishments. Location based Social Marketing coupled with geo aware applications create new opportunities to be tapped from the sales funnel. Visual Content Visual content like Infographics, Videos & Images are becoming increasingly important. Notice rise of micro video services like Vine that pack an extreme amount of actionable information in less than 15 seconds. Tools to watch and try: Percolate - A real time content marketing platform LookBookHQ - A visual story telling platform Hubspot - An Inbound marketing Platform

How does YOUR content stack up?

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