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Why YOU need a solid Email list

Posted on October 16, 2014
What is an email List? An email list is just like a mailing list and is essentially a list of people with their emails. The one who owns this list may have generated it using various methods most common one being using an "Opt in" where in people would have opted to receive information on a landing page by recording their email address. Email lists are fully or partially automated using a mailing list software. EMails sent are usually announcements, promotions, etc., to the list subscribers. With mailing list software, one can program an email campaign, subscribe or unsubscribe users, and activate auto responders based on logic which can be fully automated. Emailing list services even offer you options to design newsletters and, in some cases, further segment the emailing lists. Email vs. Social Media Marketing A lot has been said about how and why Email list trumps Social Media Marketing. Although now fully proven with statistical insights, at one time, there was an element of doubt if an email list really helped. It is now proven that email lists contribute to up to 80% of conversions compared to social media on the internet and that's a very conservative figure. Email remains the most personal and private business medium for communication and conversion. If you are, particularly, looking at B2B medium, email is your best medium. Remember that in business relations where in you want to nurture, communicate, and partner with the clients and want to be looked at as serious personality, email is still the most dependable medium. It has been proven that email surpassed way ahead than Twitter and Facebook. Email has many advantages over social media. Primarily, the fact that it is "invasive", i.e., already inside the user environment you want attention from (his or her inbox), and you can send a message repeatedly and be recognized easily if you are doing your job well (giving what your customer or client needs). When in an inbox and being read as an email, your customer's attention is just at one place and to that what you are saying. Email lists, when built through genuine value proposition, become an opportunity to deliver what customers expect, relevant & useful information. A snap of a finger and you have the capability of reaching thousands of customers every minute, and there is no limit to expansion. Many successful internet marketers and businesses have huge mailing lists, and they are in a position to instantly launch new products and predict the success of a campaign within first couple of days by the way of conversions achieved. One important aspect to remember is that a mailing list is almost like your personal asset. While you may have vast following on Twitter or Facebook, it's strictly not just yours. This is not the case with email list. It is yours and is in your full control. It is a more personalized medium as your subscribers already know you and have certain degree of loyalty. They shall continue to look at what you have to offer and would be curios to click and try products that you recommend. The "email list service" or "email marketing service" market is big, and there are good numbers of players. Some of the best known are iContact, MailChimp, GetResponse, Constant Contact, Vertical Response, Mad Mimi, Tiny Letter, etc. Choosing an email service provider is often based on... Usability - The platform usability tops as parameter to choose an email service provider. Mail Chimp and iContact by many are considered most user friendly. Cost of Subscribers - Some offer a number of users on mailing list free that's a good way to start for many. Others charge like $150 per 25000 users - Constant Contact or StreamSend charges $60 for up to 20,000 users. Image hosting - Images are important part in email marketing and many a times the service providers need a image hosting server. This comes free from MailChimp and $5 per month from Constant Contact. Support, analytics, and survey insights are some of the other parameters one needs to look at before finalizing an email marketing service.

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