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Promoting your Business During Thanksgiving

Posted on November 20, 2014
Thanksgiving is about great time with the friends and family, food, Parades, football and beginning of the shopping season for Christmas. Businesses too can add a lot of flavour to their offers and promote and participate in thanks giving at the same time.

Family experience

Thanksgiving seems to be light years away from Christmas but they all have common ground. It's about the family experience in particular and any business with a bit of planning can come up with an offer that is in line with the mood of festivities. How about adding a little personal touch, saying thanks to your customers and informing them how you can help them have a quality time with offers in hand. This is a good time to upsell, and align your products with families and reunions. Think about playing an active role in these get-togethers not only catching attention but retaining it long enough while the shopping period lasts. Why not say thanks to your long-time customers in simple but effective ways, like using personalization techniques (with their permission off course) or sending them a sweet greeting card with best offers. Whatever it is a promo or discounts don't forget to give it a family touch and you are bound to make a lasting impression.

Remember the spirit

Thanksgiving and Christmas seem to be not much different from promotion perspective for a business. However, the spirits of these occasions are usually different: the family and friends present at a Thanksgiving table are not expected to give gifts to each other, for example, plus the point of the meal is to reflect upon and be thankful for the things that have passed over the last year, not the celebration of a religious figure. Thanksgiving is about gratitude and businesses can make a strong statement strengthening this element.

Time to give back and participate with the local community

It's a great time to set aside some profit if possible for charity and also let your customers participate too. Why not reach right customers as your market demands. Why not sponsor an event like football or golf or participate in a parade such a way that you attract the target market.

Stand out in what you do

A lot of businesses are up with run of the mill offers and it's important to make your offer memorable in best way possible to stand out from stereotypes. If people start asking what is being done this time and they can't wait to participate, it's a sign that you are on the right path. The wow factor for the family, a promo, offer or event that makes your customer think wow that shall make my family have so much fun- is the right package for the thanksgiving.

Get closer to how people spend their time

Think of what people have on their minds and try to solve a problem, may be travel, stay, food or car rentals. Don't hesitate to team up with other local businesses. Package a product or service closer to the issues people might have and play a role, so that, they can have a great time with their family, and you shall be ahead of the game.

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