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Google announces changes in Mobile Crawler

Posted on April 7, 2015
We've helped our customers climb to the top of the search engine rankings and stay there. We know that it takes long hours & hard work, which is why we want to alert you about some changes Google is making to it's search engine crawler. Google has announced that on April 21 changes to the mobile search algorithm will go into effect, and could possibly affect the search engine rankings for those websites who are not considered "mobile compatible". How do I know if my site is "mobile compatible"? Google has released a tool that you can use.
  • Just browse to the site in the link above
  • Enter your domain name
Keep in mind that each page is tested on an individual basis, that means that some pages on your site can be considered "mobile compatible", while others may not be. Google will give you a pass or fail grade. If you happen to fail the test, give us a call at 203-764-1080 and we can guide you through the steps needed to bring your website into compliance. We can also discuss how these changes will affect your current or previous SEO campaign.

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