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Got A Second?

Posted on April 27, 2015
We have a basic premise for developing much of our creative experiences for clients. "You've got one second to buy the next three." In other words, society's rather short attention spans are becoming critically shorter; no one's going to stop and read or listen or watch your ad - you've got to get your message down to its shortest, most spot-on form, and you better make it good. If it's not interesting and important enough to grab someone for more than a second, you can't possibly take them to the next level and ask them to spend more of their precious time. Given that the world is increasingly bombarded with messages and media and space junk, we focus on really honing in on one quick, well delivered hit of a headline. It's got to be understandable, and it's got to have something that interests the audience. If we get that part right, we've got another three seconds to say or do something further. In this time, it's not a bad idea to provide some benefits to the audience. Tell them why the product or service matters to them. I'm not talking bulleted lists. I'm talking relevant, client-focused ideas that illustrate how your product or service solves something for your audience. And, if we've used our one second well, and then handled the three seconds better, we get one more chance - and that's to provide a call to action. We need to tell our audience what to do next. Or, better yet, ask them to do one small thing. It can be to visit a website, to learn more about us, to reach out, to make a purchase... whatever is the most important next step in the sales process.

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