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Is B2B Social Media Beneficial?

Posted on July 19, 2015
Social media is a vital tool that every business should incorporate into its daily activity. In order to address why social media is important for business to business, one must understand exactly what social media is. Social media includes forms of online communication that allow for people to create, share, contribute to, and comment on content. The creation of social media allows for new avenues available for content distribution. It is a way for consumers to become interactive with brands. While social media is well known as the primary mode of communication for the millennial generation, the trend of social media has expanded to the world of business as well. It allows for mass communication- the more eyes on content, the better. Since social media can allow for maximum exposure to potential consumers, it is essential for anyone working in business to business to be on social media. Social media excites people. It aids to bridge the gap between a business and its consumers. Social media, above all else, allows for a new sense of interactivity. People become more interested in something that they can be a part of. If you work in the world of business, how can you utilize social media? There are seemingly endless social media platforms today. There's the classic platform, Facebook, which is a good tool where many businesses can start their online presence. It is important for a business to have their own Facebook page. This allows a business to understand its target audience better. You can get discussions going on your Facebook page directly with your consumers, allowing a further understanding of their wants and needs. By posting links and other content on your Facebook page, you can create a community linking consumers to business.While Facebook can be a good jumping-off point when starting to form an online presence, there are several other tools to utilize. Another promising social media platform is Twitter, which nearly every big business now incorporates into their daily marketing strategies. Brands ranging from Target and L.L. Bean, to small independently-owned stores have their own Twitter accounts.Twitter's hashtag feature can be especially helpful in increasing brand exposure. A hashtag can be added to a tweet, and is a way to see posts about a common topic. The pound symbol on a telephone now holds much power in the world of marketing. Twitter is important in business to business because it is a fast and immediate platform. Tweets are generally seen in real time, and are limited to 140 characters. If a business has a Twitter account as well as Facebook page, they are likely to have a strong foundation for their social media presence. While Twitter and Facebook are the primary social media platforms utilized by businesses, other platforms, such as Instagram and YouTube, are used as well. These platforms are also helpful, however you may want to start out with Twitter and Facebook if you are just starting to appear on social media. Over all, it is essential for anyone in business to business to be on social media. Any form of social media is also good for search engine optimization. It also builds brand awareness. If you want to increase brand exposure or interact and communicate with your consumers, it is highly advised that you form a social media presence.

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