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Posted on June 6, 2017

Every business across all industries should be using some sort of Marketing and Advertising to sell their goods and services to consumers or even other businesses. As years go on, there is a huge growth in Digital Marketing and Advertising. One specific form is Google AdWords.

If you don't know what Google AdWords is, just type something you are looking for (these are called keywords) into the Google Search Bar and notice the top listing(s). These are marked with an ad label. Every time you click on one of those ads, that business is paying for your view and if you buy something, they know it came from that ad. Businesses select keywords and if they match what someone is searching, your ad has a chance to appear. The best part? Businesses only pay when their ads are clicked and they can set a budget. You can also display these ads across all of Google's platforms and subsidiaries, such as YouTube, Google Shopping and Google Search.

Google AdWords allows for your goals to be measurable with knowledge of seeing where your money is going as you can see all clicks and conversions. You can also target people based on language, location, time and if they are on a mobile device. You can maximize the relevance of your ads by having the option to select keywords and negative keywords. Here, you can make sure your ad is only showing when you are at the highest chance to get a conversion from that click on your ad. This is so if someone is searching for a pet store, an airport doesn't show up. This is also useful if your business only operates in certain towns or counties, you don't have an ad running in a different area.

No matter what type of business you run, you should be using Google AdWords. If you don't think your business is the right fit, just think, finance and insurance spend the most every year on Google Ads, followed by retailers, travel and tourism and jobs and education. And some of the highest search rates are dating and personals, B2B, and technology. Not to mention, one of the most used and most expensive keywords is "lawyers". There is room for every business when it comes to Google AdWords, especially yours.

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