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Campaign Spotlight: Dove Men+Care

Posted on April 17, 2013
Sure, there are plenty of tips, tricks, and work-a-rounds for sharing products in a new media realm, but what about those campaigns that strike a chord right from the beginning? Those campaigns might not have a prime-time spotlight, nor have they filled the void between touchdowns and kickoffs in the Super Bowl. Some of the most heartfelt campaigns that we all love the most are those that turn stereotypes on their heads and encourage a call to action from those who are viewing them. That's why the new Dove Men+Care skincare campaign has made this week's spotlight. Skincare has notoriously been considered something for the ladies. After all, how often do we hear men discussing antioxidant moisturizing blends or SPF levels? For some reason, discussing personal care is a sort of taboo in American culture. Men are expected to be "manly" and women are expected to be "soft," but that doesn't mean that companies aren't working to try to eliminate gender stereotyping when it comes to product marketing. Dove began their alternate marketing style when they launched their "Real Beauty" campaign a few years back. Now, this year, they have launched yet another successful, and light-hearted, portrayal of the trials and tribulations that a guy's skin can go through on a daily basis. With that being said, let's ALL take the hint from Dove and learn that taking care of yourself doesn't mean adhering to rules that culture has placed upon us, but instead, feeling proud to do what makes us all feel, and look, great. Have you ended the face torture, yet?

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