Creating Change for the Better

At Odonnell Company, we partner with organizations that benefit people in a concrete way to harness the power of positive change--and transform communities, people, and lives.

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Decades of studying the brain and what drives decisions to make real and lasting change.

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It starts with a belief in all people

Our approach is grounded in the mindset that we empower individuals by learning about them, believing in them, connecting with them, and supporting their personal agenda with important information and simple actions that are relevant to their context, goals, and challenges.

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Creating change at a meaningful scale takes a scientific approach that is proven and reliable.

We partner with government leaders and agencies in many sectors to make positive and long-lasting change.

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Every aspect of our work considers how our brains work and how humans behave, offering clear, positive paths forward.

Harness the power of positive change – and transform communities, people, and lives.

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