At Odonnell Company, our mission is to create change for the better. Our integrated approach, pulling from a range of fields including neurology, brain development, decision science, and evolutionary psychology, seeks to understand why people make the choices they do, helps us identify barriers and benefits to make changes that improve lives and the world.

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Then we create change at a meaningful scale.

We are problem solvers and partners. Our purpose-driven approach has inspired change for millions. Fueled by our public partners’ missions, and our drive to positively transform the incredible communities they serve, we consider the person first and develop messages and campaigns that solve problems and change lives.


Odonnell Company provides research, insight, strategies, and uses communication, outreach, and digital marketing to create behavior change initiatives at a meaningful scale. To support these efforts, we offer a full range of consulting, media (traditional, digital, & social), marketing, interactive, communications, and research services.

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