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Keeping it Classy Off (and On) Line

Posted on May 29, 2013
telling_secretsWe live in an age of over share, and our constant connectivity doesn't help. Recently, advertisers and businesses have been participating in a discourse that seems to allow for less class and more sass (and sass might NOT be a good thing). Each day it seems like the lines of appropriate content and behavior, and not appropriate, become more difficult to define. Our culture of "over share" runs rampant and businesses are taking advantage of it in an effort to gain attention from potential audiences. Regardless of the seemingly lackadaisical attitude that America, and Western Culture as a whole, attempt to portray, not everyone is happy about brands that try to gain attention by being overly-sexualized or profane. A lot of us just want to learn about the product without being offended. And really, is that too much to ask? We brought the question to some of our Facebook fans who felt the same way. When it comes to profanity in commercials and advertisements many said that they didn't want their children exposed to those same types of messages. But what about online advertisements? Most children and teens are more experienced with technology than most adults! If you're a brand spokesperson keeping it classy both off and online can mean a lot to your customers. If your brand can appeal to teens, children, and adults, having an online image that encompasses all of those demographics is important. 2B Interactive suggests that online community managers "ensure that your social media persona is consistent with the brand delivery people are receiving. That is, don't over promise and under deliver. It's also important to "ensure consistency of message online and offline." They further explain that "the consumer is more than ever in the driving seat," which means that if consumers are not satisfied with the brand representation they see online, then your digital marketing efforts may suffer. Remember that social media can be a powerful tool to connect and engage with your audience. However, if your online presence or your marketing campaign alienates instead of engages, it's time to take the high road and remember the golden rule: if you're wondering whether or not to post it, it's probably better not to. How have you managed your marketing efforts online? Where do you stand on the debate of brands keeping it classy? We want to know!

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