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Businesses Say Hello to Pumpkin Season

Posted on September 18, 2013
pumpkin-apple-fall-harvestHere in New England, we're entering our special season of Autumn. This is our time to shine because we have the history, the weather, and, of course, the leaves. What's even more iconic that New England's heritage is the explosion of pumpkin flavored "everything" that has finally taken effect not only on the East Coast, but across the nation. This pumpkin induced euphoria is popping up across Facebook, Twitter, and even on Instagram and it's pretty cool to watch. Hashtags like #pumpkineverything, #pumpkinlatte, and even #pumpkinseason has made its way to the top of social media charts. Instagram's most recent "Hashtag Highlight" featured fall themed photos for everyone to enjoy regardless of where they live or what the weather is. Why are companies so strongly pushing the pumpkins? Niles French of the Staten Island Historical society suggests, "Pumpkins have seemed to become, I don't want to say trendy, but [a] popular food," said French. "People call [us] and they want to know what types of pumpkins we have, what are the sizes that are going to be." For some it might just be the delicious tastes of pumpkin flavored delights, but companies are seeing more value in this seasonal gourd. Business 2 Community writer Tree Treacy explains, "if a trend is working, it's worth it to figure out why, and whether it might work for you. Some consumers may have found pumpkin spice bagels, or perhaps even more out of left field, pumpkin-flavored Pringles, to be pretty unnecessary," but regardless of the pairings most people are willing to try something new. Maybe it has to do with the crisper air, but something about pumpkin flavored treats are magical and special to us here in Connecticut as we watch the area begin to flourish with reds, oranges, and yellows. So, how do you take your pumpkin? Source 1 Source 2

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