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Technology : Trending Now - 6/10/14

Posted on June 10, 2014

Bluetooth SIM Cards changing the cell provider landscape

abuhylfkxwf76umyi2xpWant to switch mobile carriers without having to buy a new device? Or, do you want to take your existing device to another carrier but the network isn't compatible? Japanese carrier Docomo is aiming to change all of that. How? Bluetooth SIM Cards. It's calling it the Portable SIM, and it takes the SIM card usually found within your smartphone and puts it into a Bluetooth- and NFC-equipped wearable. The prototype allows the device - a card or smartwatch-style bracelet - to be paired with any tablet or smartphone to allow it connect and login to phone networks. The idea, obviously, is to make it easy to allow multiple devices to use the same SIM card, regardless of OS. Alongside the SIM, the devices can carry logins for shopping sites and social networks to be used in much the same way.

Sony jumps into the SmartTV Market

The PlayStation TV will come by itself for $99 (you'll have to bring your own controller) or in a $139 bundle that comes with a DualShock Controller, a memory card to store downloaded games on, and a copy of the Lego Movie video game.

FAA tests drones in Nevada

screen-shot-2014-06-09-at-11-33-44-amGetting goods from Amazon, or a pizza delivered by air is getting closer to reality. The testing at the Nevada site is important to the future of drones - or unmanned aircraft systems - in that it will examine how the aircraft will interact with air control. The FAA notes in its post announcing the news that research in Nevada will also investigate how "these aircraft will integrate with NextGen, the modernization of the national airspace system." The FAA has selected six sites for drone testing in total. The first was brought online in April this year. Drone technology is proliferating. Given the increasing technical ability of the flying devices, how to weave them into the skies so that they don't abrogate privacy or cause in-air collisions is a large task.

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