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Technology : Trending Now - 7/15/14

Posted on July 15, 2014

Home Depot to carry first consumer ready 3D Printer

As part of a national pilot program, Home Depot announced it will be carrying 3D printers from MakerBot. MakerBot aims to give consumers a quick and relatively inexpensive way to produce objects, replacement parts and product prototypes in the home or office. Home Depot's move to sell and demo the printers within stores will give the Brooklyn-based startup huge visibility and help catapult the category's popularity. The printer will retail in two different versions from $1375 to $2899. Filament (3D Ink) is about $15 per spool.

Want to charge your phone? Have a seat...

The city of Boston is experimenting with solar powered park benches. Smart urban furniture company "Soofa" is bringing it's benches to Boston & Cambridge. Built in solar panels will harvest sun power, while the USB ports are there for you to use! Six benches are already installed at various locations in Boston, with four more scheduled to roll out in the coming weeks. The company has about 100 solar-power equipped benches ready to go, with plans to produce more to keep up with demand.

Public or Private?

Sending a link on twitter, but don't want ALL your followers to be able to access it? You could send a Private Message, but only if the person you want to share with follows you. So what do you do? You use A new twitter enabled service that lets you share links with only twitter users mentioned in the tweet.

You need to log into Privatize with your Twitter account, add a link, and compose a message that mentions as many people as you want. Post it to your timeline and those people can click the link to see it, after being authenticated by Privatize. If someone else clicks it, Privatize won't let them see the link.

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