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Technology : Trending Now - 7/31/14

Posted on July 31, 2014

Microchips coming to a credit card near you?

chip-reader.extra-large-cb6acf7ff52f6e388604ed8f0f2e75ebAccording to a recent email from Square EMV equipped credit cards will be making their way to the US next year. Right now the US accounts for 24% of all credit card transactions, but is home to over 50% of all credit card fraud. Square has already evolved it's card readers to accept EMV enabled credit cards, and keep small businesses on the forefront of credit card technology. It's small, pocket-sized, reader will now have 2 slots. One for taking the old-style mag-stripe cards, and a new slot where an EMV chip will sit throughout the entire transaction. Reading the EMV chips will require a powered reader, so the new Square reader is USB chargeable with a standard MicroUSB cord from any 5V device. Find out more on how Square can help your Small Business accept credit cards with EMV chips.

Shazam getting cozy in Cupertino?

Shazam, the music discover app, is getting auto integration in iOS8, and the newest OSX platform. What exactly does that mean? Well, if you've ever seen that Shazam logo in the bottom corner of a TV ad, and wondered how anyone could have the time to whip out their phone, unlock it, search for the Shazam app, launch it, and have time left to still record and pull up the info. That process is about to be simplified. Unless you've specifically turned them off, the microphones on your mac & iphone are listening. Imagine working on your laptop while your TV is on, and a Shazam enabled ad comes on the TV. Automatically that same ad pops up on your computer screen. Integrated Marketing at it's finest!

Book your hotel room with your Smartphone...

Now before you start yelling that booking a hotel room on your phone is "nothing new", Hilton has taken this concept a bit further. Using the HHonors mobile app, you can book your room, see the floorplan, choose your exact room, check in & check out, and coming next year, you'll be able to unlock the door to your room. Gone are the days of having to interface with a customer service agent at the front desk, walk into your hotel, have a great stay, and walk out!

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