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Technology : Trending Now - 8/6/14

Posted on August 6, 2014

A 3D Printed What?

Yes, 3D printing is getting very useful. Especially if you want to make music. Not only does it look real, with a couple of forthcoming tweaks, it'll sound real, be 80% lighter than a traditional saxophone, and can be printed in the colors of your favorite marching bands!

Is Amazon always the best deal?

Meet PriceJump, an automated tool that tells you if it can find a better price on the Amazon product you were just about to buy. "PriceJump is a new service from that instantly compares Amazon product prices to prices around the web and ensures that you are getting the best deal. At, we are Amazon fans and shoppers and in fact, we often default to Amazon when making a purchase online. Our constant pursuit of good deals led us to wonder if Amazon actually has the best prices. With the launch of PriceJump, we've created the ultimate Amazon price check tool that aims to save you a ton of money." The cool part is that the service is also available as a Google Chrome extension, so you can check prices just by clicking on a button on your browser!

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