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Technology : Trending Now - 8/26/14

Posted on August 26, 2014

Drug detecting Nail Polish?

That's right. The next time you step foot into that seedy bar or nightclub, make sure you're wearing "Undercover Colors". A new, date-rape detecting nail polish that goes on as a clear coat and changes color when exposed to the "date-rape" drugs Rohypnol, Xanax or GHB. Read More @ Jezebel

3D Printed Medical Implants

A 12 year old boy in China was the first to receive a 3D printed vertebrae implant. The implant, made of titanium powder, was able to be printed to be an exact match and allows natural bone fusing. Watch more below...

Who needs to go to the printer when the printer comes to you!

xeroxFuji Xerox Co Ltd tested a printer that not only prints documents on paper but autonomously moves around a room like the Roomba robot cleaner for delivering it. The proliferation of office laziness continues! Read More @ TechOn

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