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Technology : Trending Now - 9/8/14

Posted on September 8, 2014

Twitter, the new.... Marketplace?

buy-tweetThat's right, Twitter is adding the ability to "buy" products directly from tweets in your timeline. You see, in the days and weeks to come, you might see "Buy" buttons embedded in tweets from Home Depot, Pharrell Williams and Burberry as you poke around in Twitter's mobile app. Tapping that button will take you straight to you a checkout page where you can either punch in your credit card info or call forth the payment data you've already stored with Twitter. If everything goes the way Twitter probably wants it to, we may be looking at a service that's just as much about commerce as it is about content. That'll be great for Twitter's bottom line, but public reception is still a bit shaky.

Another reason to use Spotify Premium...

Spotify is reported to start using video ads to monetize its 30 million users. Both on desktop & mobile devices Spotify will integrate 15 & 30 second spots to users who are not currently part of the 10 million who use Spotify Premium ($9.99/mo). Watching a 30-second video ad will buy you 30-minutes of uninterrupted streaming. According to Spotify, it's users spend about 84 minutes per day listening, and 164 minutes per day for those that listen across multiple devices, and that could turn into a lot of ad revenue.

Apple iPhone Conference...

Stay tuned to our Facebook & Twitter tomorrow for updates about the announcements related to Apple's iPhone 6, and iOS8 releases.

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