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Analytical tools for tracking your digital campaign

Posted on December 4, 2014
Marketers face the challenge of proving that they have utilized the budget in the best way possible and brought in benefits that were optimally expected. While that may seem like simple thing to do for many, it's actually very challenging and requires not just right analytical tools but also mastery to use them. While we may have devised the best Digital marketing strategy it is only the tracking tools that can prove the same and help us achieve the goals we set for a campaign. Why track a digital marketing campaign.
  1. To understand performance of campaigns against objectives
  2. To ensure a wise spend on allocated budget
  3. To create benchmarks and KPIs that may help measure future performance
  4. Improve and Optimize results continuously
Most of the measurements on tracking digital campaigns are about tracking the customer or user behavior on website or social platforms, which ultimately results in sales of products or services. There are a variety of tools one can use to track their campaigns.
  1. Google analytics - Google analytics is one of the most widely used analytical tools and generates detailed statistics about website. The basic service comes for free. You can track all incoming traffic, direct, from referrers or from search engines and social networks. It also provides you capability to track display advertising, pay per click networks, email marketing and digital collaterals like links within documents. Google analytics can help you identify poorly performing pages, visitor trail on the website, how long they stayed and their geographical location. You can integrate Google Ad words and analytics to review online campaigns and study their quality and conversion rates. It also has capability to track and report sales activity by using the e-commerce feature.
  1. ClickTale - ClickTale goes a step further and provides even a video playback of each visitor on your website. It also creates heat maps using Meta statistics which is a useful visual analysis tool. It also provides conversion analytics and traditional web stats from the website. ClickTale provides heat maps for mouse movements, clicks, and scroll and attention levels on the WebPages. One feature worth mentioning is the form analytics that allows optimizing online forms. With this report you can easily assess the shortcomings with your online form identifying fields that take too much of time or the one that are generally left blank.
  1. Clicky - Clicky is another analytics tool that is like Google analytics but scores on the fact that it provides web statistics right away. (Google analytics provides stats the following day) Clicky is priced reasonably within 10 USD per month for up to 1,000,000 monthly page views and has a free version available. Clicky also provides heat mapping and customizable tracking. The best part is that it also provides you a white label version, iPhone app and an official Wordpress plug-in to integrate instantly with your Wordpress website.
  1. Hootsuite - Hootsuit is a social media publishing and analytics tool. It helps you push out content to social networks like Face book, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Twitter etc. It saves you a lot of time and effort with its capability to interface with most of the social networks. It also provides ability to track outbound traffic to your own website with simple and easy to use features.
Every analytics tool has its advantages and disadvantages. You shall have to figure out what's more important to you and take a decision. Many a times we need to assess what is the depth of analytics that is needed to conclusively establish success of a campaign. Going for too complex and pricey solutions brings in extra pressure to train and utilize the given system. It's always better to keep things simple and focus on key parameters that we need to track and choose a solution accordingly.

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