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Summertime Lead Generation Decoded

Posted on April 3, 2013
palm_trees-11940Summer is a time for relaxation, but for many it's no vacation, and few careers offer a summer break of three or more months to soak up the sun. With that being said, how does one continue strong lead generation when people are "disappearing" over the summer? What are new modes of connection and conversation that can keep leads coming even when there are less (or so it seems) people in town? Here, we'll talk about why you should keep your lead generation campaigns and promotions going strong even when it seems like others might be taking a break. First of all, the idea that people seem to go off the grid come summertime is a fallacy. Now, more people are staying in the office, taking less time off, and are generally taking advantage of the summertime slumps in large projects and deadlines. Follow suit! Ben Popken of Today suggests that "In this tight economy, vacations are getting squeezed. Americans are using two fewer vacation days than last year [2012], [and] on top of that, they have two fewer to use, 12 down from 14," which means that lead generation and general networking can have much success throughout the summer months. Make sure that you're working on connecting with others, and take the time to read through that inbox full of e-mail. Speaking of cleaning out that inbox: when's the last time you've checked those blog comments and Facebook replies? Summer is the perfect time to use more of the technology that is available to you, and to use it in a manner that perhaps you didn't have time for during the rest of the year. When you're connecting with others, use this time to scope out competitors, too. Business writer Craig Ferarra says that learning "what competing technology/service they [your leads] have in place along with any pains they may be experiencing which will allow you to know where to steer the conversation," making your interaction more successful. In the summer you'll have time to dedicate to your research, so take advantage of the lull. Finally, plan ahead. Take the initiative and begin planning your Fall. If you remain ahead of the competition, you're more than likely going to make a great impression on those who might not know your business, and you'll reassure those who have already put their trust in you. We all know that lead generation can be a challenge, but by making sure that we think of alternative methods for achieving our goals, the summer can be a great time for productivity. Source 1 Source 2

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