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Struggling with Google AdWords?

Posted on February 21, 2017
As a novice marketer, starting your first Google AdWords Campaign can be overwhelming. Staring at the screen looking at the complex interface and trying to make sense of the near endless analytics presented leaves many confused. The guide below will some of the language used when developing your campaign and explain some of the most important analytics available as well. Campaign - this is the top level of any Google AdWords Campaign. Each Campaign can contain different AdGroups and Ads, as well as different keywords and parameters. This is the umbrella that everything within a particular theme falls into. AdGroups - This can be described as the mini-umbrellas under the large campaign umbrella. The AdGroups take the overall theme and break into different aspects, to help keep the campaign organized. Ads - These are actually the front facing ads that appear when people search on google. You can have an endless amount of Ads and can keep them organized using AdGroups and Campaigns. Keywords - This is one of the most important parts to a campaign, as the keywords that are input will be used to match your ads with people's google searches. Keeping keywords relevant to the overarching theme is very important. CPC - Cost per click. How much you will pay every time someone clicks on the ad. CPC is typically based upon the keyword used to access your ad. CTR - Click through Rate. This is a general measure of success for the campaign. It is the ratio of clicks to impressions. In general, having anywhere between 1.5 - 2% is very good, however, each industry has a different average CTR.

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