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Why Should Your Business Be on Instagram?

Posted on May 22, 2017

In today's world, everyone from your favorite brands to your father are on Instagram. If you're like your father, you probably don't know how to post anything and just go through and like pictures (engagement is good). And if you're like your favorite brands (hopefully), you are always working on your profile and engagement. Your Instagram profile is supposed to represent your brand and even show your products or services. Instagram is a part of your company's voice and allows you to tell your story.

Instagram doesn't just show your pictures, but spreads awareness of your business, product, service or app. People engage on social media and when you can respond to comments and visit other profiles, you are getting your business acknowledged. If people see you commenting and liking their photos, they will usually return the favor or at least visit your profile. Once they engage with you, it gives you a chance to show them your brand and gain their business. Today, there are even some businesses that are solely run through their Instagram accounts. They don't have a website but you can get everything you need from their profiles. Today, there are currently over 700 million people who use Instagram every month and over 400 million that use it every day. Of all those people, 80% of them, follow at least one business on Instagram.

The latest update with Instagram is the ability to have a story, like Snapchat. You can post updates about events, products or even use it to make your brand more personable. There are currently over 200 million Instagrammers who use stories every day. Instagram gives you so many different options to be more familiar with your consumers and for them to feel that way about you. You want to view the daily behavior of your customers and allow them to see your company's daily story as well. Show them your company culture and how your business operates on a daily basis.

So, why should your business be on Instagram? Simply because you want to engage with people who could potentially be purchasing something from you. You also want to show the world what you do and what exactly you are selling. Use it to be a part of your follower's daily lives. If you do it right, you'll become a part of their story and they'll soon be a part of yours.

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