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Thinking About Pinterest for Business?

Posted on June 20, 2017

Looking for something new for your business development, especially on the digital side of things? Pinterest for business is the way to go. Now, if you have never heard of Pinterest, it is a website/ app where you can "pin" (save) different articles, pictures and links to different "boards" and share with your friends and followers. You can search for anything from office décor, dinner recipes and outfits for every occasion. You can add pins from your favorite websites with articles or products you want to buy or you can pin what others have already shared.

Pinterest has more than 150 million active users, where 87% have purchased products solely because of Pinterest. If you're using Pinterest for business, that could be your product being purchased. One interesting thing about this is that even if you are currently not using Pinterest for Business, there is a chance that someone purchased something from your business thanks to Pinterest. If you're thinking about your target audience, over half of the current users are under the age of 40 years old, but it still allows room for people at both ends of the spectrum. Originally, Pinterest was used mostly by women, but that is quickly changing with a 120% increase in male "pinners" in the past year alone. Pinterest also has an app compatible with both Apple and Android products which allow people on all different devices to use it.

Pinterest also has a special way of organizing their pins and allowing you to get the best results when you're searching. Most other forms of social media use hashtags and with Pinterest, there is no need. It's all about keywords and categorization. Another huge bonus about Pinterest are the rich pins. Rich pins are a type of pin that includes more information than just an image. It has a click-through link and the pinner's description. There are six types of rich pins; place pin, article pins, product pins, recipe pins, movie pins and app pins. Most businesses use the place and product pins. Place pins allows you to make a board with an interactive map. This can include addresses, phone numbers and other important information. Product pins allow for easier shopping via Pinterest. It includes where the product can be purchased, the current price and a direct link to the product page. If you do your pinning right, you can even get featured on the trending pins page.

Lastly, paid advertising on Pinterest through Pinterest for business. Pinterest recently launched their Promoted Pins. This is a paid advertising option (in the U.S. only) where you can pay to promote your best pins. You can pay for different things such as pin engagement or website visits. It even allows for you to track how your ads are performing. People who interact with a promoted pin tend to spend seven times more than normal pins because through promoted pins you are reaching the most relevant audience. Pinterest for business is one of the latest trends to advertising not only your company, but your products and services.

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