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Welcome to the Influencer-Marketing Gold Rush

Posted on July 4, 2017

A lot of Marketers will tell you, we are currently in the midst of an influencer-marketing gold rush. Influencer marketing is simply explained as a form of marketing that is word-of-mouth buzz from people who already have a large following. But sadly, it is more complicated than that.

When you read most popular blogs, you notice that they do sponsored posts. Usually, businesses pay bloggers (money or even free products) to have them give their honest opinions, which usually effect a business positively. This can also be used for many different types of influencers and marketing mediums. Influencers could include anyone from actors and music artists, to the Instagram famous and YouTube stars, as long as they have an effect on the purchase decision in an authoritative or significant way. There are all types of influencers out there and if you get one to talk about your product, you're bound to get some of their following as well.

Now, when you pick your influencer, you want to make sure that you pick someone with a following that is related to your company/ products. You don't want to have your message sent to the wrong audience who aren't interested in what you are promoting. Sometimes just making a relationship with them can get you on their radar, but more times than not, they'll need some enticing. You could help them get more exposure, pay them, give them free products to try, or even make a charitable donation in their name. Another important aspect is the medium. You could create an ad with them in it; print, digital or television. This solely depends on who your influencer is. If you pick a YouTube star, having them on YouTube or a digital ad would probably be best. If you have a blogger you'd probably do social media or a sponsored post. Who you pick as your influencer will really define how you'll be advertising them and who you are trying to reach. Lastly, remember that you should always be building a relationship with your current/ potential influencers as influencer-marketing is a whole new channel of power in today's market and these relationships can really make or break your business.

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